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Swedish Embassy in Romania and Green Tech & Film Festival Present: "Swedish Innovation and Technology for Sustainability"

Premiere Date: June 5th, World Environment Day, Location: Online

Bucharest, Romania, June 5, 2024 – The Swedish Embassy in Romania, in collaboration with the Green Tech & Film Festival, is thrilled to announce the premiere of an enlightening panel discussion titled "Swedish Innovation and Technology for Sustainability." This event, featuring industry leaders and technology experts from Swedish companies operating in Romania, will explore the unique approaches and groundbreaking innovations that drive sustainability in the business world. The full version will premiere on June 5th, World Environment Day, on the Green Tech & Film Festival website and the Sustainable Living Podcast channel.


Panel Highlights: Participants will delve into how Swedish enterprises leverage technology to promote environmental responsibility. The discussion will cover advancements in renewable energy, energy-efficient processes, and the implementation of circular economy principles. Attendees will gain insights into the strategies and sustainable practices employed by leading companies.


  • Teodora Juravle, Marketing Head Romania, Electrolux: Sharing innovative initiatives in environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

  • Adrian Gheller, Global Sustainability Manager, Autoliv: Discussing eco-friendly practices and strategies for reducing carbon emissions.

  • Raluca Mocanu, Sustainability Leader, IKEA Romania: Highlighting IKEA’s commitment to circular economy principles and sustainability.

  • Mats Lundin, Country Manager and Director Romania, Emergy: Focusing on renewable energy and hydrogen production using wind and solar power.

  • Cătălin Enache, Electromobility Key Account, Volvo Romania: Advancing electric vehicle adoption and sustainable mobility infrastructure.

  • Andrei Manea, Head of Development Romania, OX2: Driving renewable energy projects and overcoming market challenges.

  • Luminița Roșca, General Manager, Stratos: Providing expertise in environmental consulting and emerging sustainability trends.

Why Attend:

Learn from the experiences and insights of leading voices in sustainability.

Discover practical solutions for overcoming common challenges in the transition to sustainable practices.

Get inspired by successful projects and initiatives transforming how companies operate.

Engage with innovative ideas that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Join Us: We invite the public to tune in and gain valuable lessons and inspiration from leaders in sustainability. This event promises to be an excellent opportunity to engage with cutting-edge innovations and contribute to the global conversation on environmental responsibility.

About the Organizers:

·         The Swedish Embassy in Romania works to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Sweden and Romania, promoting cultural, economic, and environmental initiatives.

·         The Green Tech & Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing advancements in green technology and raising awareness about sustainable practices through film and discussion panels.


For more information, visit Green Tech & Film Festival Website 

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